fTelnet for the HP TouchPad

Quick Tips

  • Double-tap the client area (until you see a "Tap outside or pinch when finished" message) to improve input responsiveness with the custom virtual keyboard.
  • If you don't like the custom virtual keyboard, you can hide it and use the application menu item to show the standard webOS keyboard instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm typing, but nothing is happening
    The Flash control needs to be focused before it can receive keypresses. Either tap (or double tap, as mentioned in the Quick Tips section) the client area to give it focus before you try typing.
  • Does fTelnet support SSH
    No, it does not. Support is not planned to be added either, sorry.
  • Does fTelnet support Chinese characters
    Sorry, no, fTelnet only supports some of the single-byte character sets, and none of the multi-byte character sets.
  • I made a change to one of my connections, but it didn't seem to take
    You'll have to restart fTelnet for any changes to your connections to be recognized.

My question wasn't answered

  • Please use the contact page to send me an email with your question/problem.


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