It's been about a year since I setup the first proxies, so it's time for renewal for some of them, and I'm going to be shaking things up as a result:

  • proxy-jp will be going away. It had great uptime, but was hardly ever used, so might as well invest in other locations that will see more traffic.
  • proxy-nl will be replaced. It has the second-worst uptime, so there's no point wasting money on it. I'll be ordering a RamNode server in the near future -- their USA locations are amazing, hopefully the NL location will be as well.
  • proxy-uk will be going away. By far it has the worst uptime, and it's probably close enough to proxy-nl or proxy-fr to not bother finding a replacement.

All three of the old hostname/port combinations will continue to work, but the connections will be routed via the new proxy-nl server.  This is ideal for the old proxy-nl and should be pretty good for the old proxy-uk, but proxy-jp users (if there were any) might want to update their settings to use proxy-au instead.

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