The new embed wizard I mentioned in my previous post is online (and has been for awhile but I never got around to posting here!), and can be accessed via http://embed-v2.ftelnet.ca. It still needs more testing so I'm not sure I would trust it on your live site yet, but it would definitely be helpful if you could try it out on a test page on your site and let me know if you run into any problems.  If you do use it on your live site, I strongly suggest you email me to let me know, as I don't consider it finalized yet and may end up making breaking changes to the embed code (not likely, but you never know), and I'll give a heads up to anybody that let's me know they're using it.

I have no plans to retire the original embedded version of fTelnet, so while testing of v2 would be much appreciated, there's no rush as you can stay using v1 for as long as you want.  I also have no plans to implement new features on v1 though, so at some point it may be in your best interest to move to v2.

And the proxy server fix I also mentioned in my last post seems to have done the trick...two of the servers have handled over 100,000 connections since I started them.  Of course that's mostly just port scanners looking for vulnerable DVR and security cameras to take over and use in DDoS attacks, and not actual users wanting to connect to a BBS.  Wouldn't it be cool if BBSes still had that many people connecting?!?

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