Someone on DOVE-Net recently mentioned they liked the RIP support in the old fTelnet, but one day it stopped working (I fixed the problem after that, so it should be working again).

This made me think about all the effort that went into adding support for RIP (it was probably close to as much effort as all the other features combined...and that's only for partial support, full support likely would require more effort than all the other features combined), and what a waste it would be since I'm not supporting the old fTelnet anymore. 

But ActionScript and TypeScript/JavaScript are pretty similar languages, so I figured it probably wouldn't be too difficult to take the RIP support out of the old fTelnet and transplant it into the new fTelnet.  And it turns out it wasn't!  The screenshot below shows the experimental RIP support in the new fTelnet:


It's only partially ported, there are a few things I skipped to get it up and running, and then of course the original code wasn't a full implementation to begin with, so it's not ready for prime time.  But a small number of the RIP screens from the sixteen colors archive render quite nicely, feel free to log into my demo system and check them out for yourself.

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