Already a few people have pointed out that the webOS virtual keyboard doesn't have arrow keys (and the bluetooth keyboard's arrow keys don't seem to be supported outside the core webOS OS), so I have an updated release in the queue that adds an arrow icon overlay to the bottom-right corner of the flash control. It's been 'Ready for Review' for a few days now, so hopefully it'll be updated and available any day now.In addition to a webOS version, I also ported fTelnet to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook as an AIR app. I really didn't have any interest in going further than the TouchPad, since that's all I own, but then I read about the free PlayBook tablet offer and couldn't resist! Just received confirmation earlier this afternoon that my app has been accepted, so it's now on RIM's BlackBerry App World! As with the webOS version, this one has a new release in the queue that will address the missing arrow keys, but it'll probably take somewhat longer for this update to appear since there's LOTS of developers trying to get a free PlayBook, so their review team is stretched pretty thing right now.

In the next little while I'll probably investigate porting fTelnet to Android, which also supports AIR apps, so it should also be pretty simple. Since my TouchPad is running an early alpha of "ice cream sandwich" I'm not sure how useful it will be for debugging, so I may or may not be able to work on this right away.

From what I understand iOS also supports AIR apps now, which means the $600 barrier to entry (bottom of the line Mac mini) should no longer exist, but until Apple removes the $99/yr developer program membership fee, don't expect to see fTelnet on your iPad.

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