As the title says, my.ftelnet.ca and embed.ftelnet.ca have been updated.  They're now both powered by fTelnet instead of HtmlTerm.  No, not fTelnet the old Flash based telnet client, but fTelnet the the new HTML5 based telnet client.

If that's a little confusing, here's a bit of history:

  • In 2010  I developed a Flash based telnet client and called it fTelnet
  • A month later I also developed an HTML5 based telnet client and called it HtmlTerm
  • In 2012 I stopped working on both clients.  fTelnet because it worked pretty good, HtmlTerm because fTelnet was better
  • In 2013 I started working on HtmlTerm again.  It quickly surpassed fTelnet in features and compatibility
  • In early 2014 I officially abandoned the Flash based fTelnet to focus on HtmlTerm instead
  • Now I've decided that since I have the fTelnet.ca domain, and no product called fTelnet, I might as well rename HtmlTerm to fTelnet

So the new fTelnet is just HtmlTerm under a new name.  I also ported it to TypeScript and added some new features in the process, but basically it's just a renamed HtmlTerm.

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