If you're using the embedded version of fTelnet, you should notice that I just pushed some new changes.  If you're not using the embedded version, these are changes worth upgrading for!

Here's a list of what's new:

  • Updated virtual keyboard layout (slightly more compact, allowing for slightly larger keys)
  • Virtual keyboard will show on mobile and hide on non-mobile by default
  • Virtual keyboard is WAY more responsive on iOS (and possibly other mobile) devices
  • Replace ugly looking Connect/Upload/Download/etc links at top of client area with a pop-up menu on the status bar
  • Non-mobile has a new, much more user friendly scrollback buffer.  Mobile devices I tested didn't have the horsepower needed to support this feature, so they still have the clunky scrollback buffer
  • Non-mobile also has copy/paste support!  Every browser supports this a little differently, so it works a bit different in each.  In time I think they'll all support seamless copy/paste (ie no pop-ups like you currently see in Firefox)

If you run into any problems with this new release, please use the Contact link to let me know!

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