What may be the last build for awhile has been uploaded. This new build fixes an annoying problem I had with batch downloading (having to save each file individually) by saving the files in a single TAR file. Hopefully most users will have software to handle this file type. A Save File(s) button also now pops up with a download (batch or otherwise) has completed, making it that much simpler for a user to complete the process. Shortcuts for starting uploads/downloads have also been implemented in the way of CTRL-PAGEUP and CTRL-PAGEDOWN keyboard combos, and the minimize/maximize buttons. And lastly, many new font codepages were also created at the default 9x16 size.

The reason this may be the last build for awhile is because I think I've pretty much got all the features implemented that I want, so I'll only be working on it as problems arise and are reported. I'm still open to feature requests if you think there's something useful that could be added!

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