The first donation since March came in last week, so I figured I'd use it to open up a few more public proxies.  Jacksonville, Florida and Los Angeles, California are the second and third for North America, and the sixth and seventh overall.  Here's the updated list:

  • United States (California): proxy-us-ca.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (Georgia): proxy-us-ga.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (Florida): proxy-us-fl.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (New Jersey): proxy-us-nj.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • Australia (Sydney): proxy-au.ftelnet.ca port 8410
  • France (Roubaix): proxy-fr.ftelnet.ca port 18910
  • Japan (Tokyo): proxy-jp.ftelnet.ca port 2710
  • Netherlands (Rotterdam): proxy-nl.ftelnet.ca port 9010
  • United Kingdom (Newcastle): proxy-uk.ftelnet.ca port 2910

None of these particularly close to you?  Let me know where you are and I'll see if I can find something in your area.  I've only spent half the donation so far, so there's enough for another 1-3 depending on the cost of each VPS.

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