The proxy servers haven't been overly reliable lately...UptimeRobot is still able to ping the servers, so I don't get notifications that they're offline, but they're not accepting WebSocket connections so they really aren't doing their job.

I've just made a change to fTelnetProxy (which powers the proxies) that I'm hoping will address this problem.  If it doesn't fix it, I'll keep digging because I hate that they keep going offline for everyone!

Also, I've been working on fTelnet a bit lately.  It's bothered me for a long time that RIP support significantly adds to the size of the fTelnet .js file, to the point that I considered removing it.  I really would like to finish RIP support, or at least improve it to the point of being usable, so removing it didn't seem like a great option.  So instead I've reorganized the fTelnet project into multiple smaller projects.  This has allowed me to create 4 different versions of fTelnet that vary in features, and thus in size.  The smallest, which doesn't support RIP or YModem is down to just 140kB (current release is 263kB, so that's nearly half the size!)

I've also switched to non-static classes, which means you'll now be able to embed two (or more) client windows on the same webpage.  This is a feature that some people have asked for, and I know at least one organization hacked in support on their own, but now it'll be built right in.  This means a completely different way of using fTelnet though, so to ensure things don't break for existing embedded users I'll be creating a new "v2" embed method.

Which leads me to my final item: If you'd like to be notified of fTelnet updates, please use the contact form to send me a "subscribe" message.  I'll try to get a proper mailing list in place at some point, but for now I'll just keep a contact list in my email client (and will be sure to use BCC for any announcements I send, for your privacy!)

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