Oops, totally forgot to upload the new release with the updated WBA, which added support for the latest version of Chrome. I've now finally uploaded it, although since it was only WBA and not fTelnet that was changed, I didn't bother increasing the version number. So if you use WBA, please download 11.11.02 again, and if you don't use WBA, then just ignore this post.On somewhat related news, fTelnet was finally accepted into the HP webOS App Catalog early last week! I've already got a second release in the review stage, so an update is already on the way. And in addition to that, someone pointed out there's no way to use the cursor keys (since the TouchPad's virtual keyboard doesn't have arrow keys, and the bluetooth keyboard's arrow keys don't work in Flash), so a new update should be coming shortly with an on-screen overlay that will allow you to use arrow keys.

Also on a somewhat related note, I've ported fTelnet to the BlackBerry PlayBook, since they're running a promotion giving free PlayBooks to developers right now. So anybody with a PlayBook can look for that in the BlackBerry App World soon! (They're backed up due to the large number of submissions they recently received, so I'm not too sure exactly how soon though!)

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