This is kind of old news, but it slipped under my radar until just now...apparently Apple finally enabled WebSocket support in Safari on the iPhone/iPad as of the 4.2 update. So this means that HtmlTerm will now work on those devices!

The screen is REALLY tiny on my iPod Touch, so I'm not sure how useful HtmlTerm will be on that device, but it might look alright on the much larger iPad. Unfortunately the closest thing I have to an iPad is the iOS Simulator that ships with XCode (which I run on the closest thing I have to a MacBook, my Toshiba Tecra running OSX in VMWare), so it's pretty hard to tell exactly how well it works on that device.

So if you have an iPad, please check it out and let me know how it works. You'll have to click in the textbox to bring up the on-screen keyboard, but after that things should work pretty good. Well except for the fact that the on-screen keyboard doesn't have arrow keys, so if your BBS needs them (lightbar navigation or something), then you're going to have problems. But maybe I'll see about adding arrow key buttons to the webpage so you can use those as necessary.

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