I forgot all about the fTelnet and HtmlTerm demos when I migrated my website to GetSimple CMS!  Just now I noticed they were "coming soon...", so I've finally put the demos in place.

HtmlTerm has been modified slightly to allow it to work with websockify.  So if you're running Linux and want to use HtmlTerm, this is now your best option.

websockify can also act as a flash socket policy server, so can also be used with fTelnet!

So I never got around to releasing a new fTelnet like I said I would in the last post. The RIP support is in a non-working state, and I haven't felt inclined to work on it to get it compiling again. I have recently started working on HtmlTerm again though -- started with just implementing a few fixes to the Crt unit, but now both uploading and downloading is also working (via YModem-G of course)!

Not quite ready to make a new release yet, but if you're feeling lucky you can check the Release directory on the GitHub page for HtmlTerm. I update those files occasionally, but don't actually test them so there's no guarantee that they'll work at any given time!

Haven't released a new version of fTelnet in awhile. I still work on it occasionally, usually tinkering with the RIP support (even though I don't think anybody uses it!), but there hasn't been anything significant enough to warrant a release, so I haven't bothered.But today I added a method for detecting and notifying the user when the fTelnet app loses focus, which has always been a cause of frustration to users since they don't understand why their keypresses aren't being accepted.

So that's not a significant change, but I'm sure some people will find it useful so I'll probably try to get a release out in the near future anyway.

Forgot to make a release after making the July 10 fix. Oops!

A new release for the TouchPad was submitted today, which brings some changes to the UI that makes fTelnet look a little better, especially when used in conjunction with a bluetooth keyboard (the virtual keyboards can be hidden, allowing fTelnet to use a larger font, allowing more of the screen to be used).

Thanks to Chris for sending a bluetooth keyboard for me to test with!

Just uploaded a new release with an important HtmlTerm fix and a pretty cool new fTelnet feature. There were also updates to Client*.js, so make sure you incorporate those changes into your versions of the file (if you don't just want to overwrite your versions and start fresh).

The cool new fTelnet feature is scrollback mode! This has been on the TODO list pretty much since the beginning, and since several people asked about it recently, I finally got around to implementing it. Hit CTRL+UP ARROW to enter scrollback mode, and then UP/DOWN or PGUP/PGDN to navigate. When you're done, hit ESC to get back to "live" mode.

Just uploaded a new release. I don't think there were any fTelnet related changes, just a few fixes for HtmlTerm that were reported recently. WBA was also updated to make it a little more sane in its operation (the close button now really closes the form, and the minimize button will minimize it to the tray).

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