I'm using websockify on all my public proxies because my public proxies are all running Linux, and I thought websockify was the only proxy that would run on Linux.  Turns out FleckProxy runs just fine, and since it also supports some of the legacy versions of the WebSocket protocol, I'm testing it out to see if I can switch to it. 

It would probably be best to test with one of the less popular proxies, but that would take awhile to get enough usage to know if it's going to work, so I've just gone ahead and fired it up on the most popular proxy, proxy-us-ga (aka proxy-us-atl)!

So if you run into any problems using that proxy, or the my.ftelnet.ca site, let me know and I'll switch back to websockify.

The first donation since March came in last week, so I figured I'd use it to open up a few more public proxies.  Jacksonville, Florida and Los Angeles, California are the second and third for North America, and the sixth and seventh overall.  Here's the updated list:

  • United States (California): proxy-us-ca.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (Georgia): proxy-us-ga.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (Florida): proxy-us-fl.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • United States (New Jersey): proxy-us-nj.ftelnet.ca port 1123
  • Australia (Sydney): proxy-au.ftelnet.ca port 8410
  • France (Roubaix): proxy-fr.ftelnet.ca port 18910
  • Japan (Tokyo): proxy-jp.ftelnet.ca port 2710
  • Netherlands (Rotterdam): proxy-nl.ftelnet.ca port 9010
  • United Kingdom (Newcastle): proxy-uk.ftelnet.ca port 2910

None of these particularly close to you?  Let me know where you are and I'll see if I can find something in your area.  I've only spent half the donation so far, so there's enough for another 1-3 depending on the cost of each VPS.

I've added several new options to the My fTelnet embed wizard, so if you've set it up on your site have a look and see if there's anything new you'd like to customize. If so, just replace the old embed code with the new one and you'll be good to go.

My fTelnet has been updated with a cool new embed feature that will allow you to easily embed the client into any website of your choosing.  It'll do this via an iframe that you generate and copy/paste into whatever page you want on your website.

Why would you want to do this?  Because it's about 1000x times easier than the traditional method of using fTelnet/HtmlTerm, where you have to download it, put it on your web server, configure it, and then upgrade it every time I make a new release.  Now you just add the iframe wherever you want it, and that's all there is to it!

It's still a work in progress, so I'm not sure that I'd throw out your existing setup just yet, but I'd definitely appreciate it if you try it out and let me know what you think.

Check out My fTelnet and let me know what you think!

(Just ignore the TODO markers, it's still a work-in-progress -- and being a work in progress it'll be prone to breaking unexpectedly, although hopefully that won't happen too often!)

I forgot all about the fTelnet and HtmlTerm demos when I migrated my website to GetSimple CMS!  Just now I noticed they were "coming soon...", so I've finally put the demos in place.

HtmlTerm has been modified slightly to allow it to work with websockify.  So if you're running Linux and want to use HtmlTerm, this is now your best option.

websockify can also act as a flash socket policy server, so can also be used with fTelnet!

So I never got around to releasing a new fTelnet like I said I would in the last post. The RIP support is in a non-working state, and I haven't felt inclined to work on it to get it compiling again. I have recently started working on HtmlTerm again though -- started with just implementing a few fixes to the Crt unit, but now both uploading and downloading is also working (via YModem-G of course)!

Not quite ready to make a new release yet, but if you're feeling lucky you can check the Release directory on the GitHub page for HtmlTerm. I update those files occasionally, but don't actually test them so there's no guarantee that they'll work at any given time!

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