A couple feature requests came in, so a new build of fTelnet is available. This release implements a custom ANSI escape sequence that will allow the BBS change the font codepage/size dynamically. Simply have it send ESC [ CP ; WIDTH ; HEIGHT Q, so for example to set CodePage 866 at 9x16, it would look like ESC[866;9;16Q (where ESC is byte 27 (or 1B in hex)).

The code to handle incoming TAB characters was also fixed so it is position only, and not destructive. The code to handle outgoing TAB keypresses was also fixed so they're actually sent, rather than having the focus move to the minimize button.

A new Screen Capture option is available on the right-click context menu, allowing you to save the screen as a PNG.

And lastly, incoming data is processed 1024 bytes at a time, so long/large ANSI screens will display and scroll correctly, rather than pause and just display the last screen of text (I'll probably make the 1024 block size configurable in the future).

OK, I guess the last build wasn't the last for awhile, as I've just uploaded a new one already. This one adds one final font optimization to reduce the SWF size without sacrificing performance, but I can't think of what else to do, so this should really be the last for awhile now.

What may be the last build for awhile has been uploaded. This new build fixes an annoying problem I had with batch downloading (having to save each file individually) by saving the files in a single TAR file. Hopefully most users will have software to handle this file type. A Save File(s) button also now pops up with a download (batch or otherwise) has completed, making it that much simpler for a user to complete the process. Shortcuts for starting uploads/downloads have also been implemented in the way of CTRL-PAGEUP and CTRL-PAGEDOWN keyboard combos, and the minimize/maximize buttons. And lastly, many new font codepages were also created at the default 9x16 size.

The reason this may be the last build for awhile is because I think I've pretty much got all the features implemented that I want, so I'll only be working on it as problems arise and are reported. I'm still open to feature requests if you think there's something useful that could be added!

I've just uploaded a new build of fTelnet. The biggest change in this version is that it's compiled in release mode, shrinking the SWF and speeding it up some. The fonts were also optimized for size and speed, and re-embedded into the SWF (so you can remove them from the img subdirectory, if you have any in there). (Notice the download size dropped from 900k to 150k...that's a lot of optimizing!)

I've just uploaded a new build of fTelnet. This version adds a 9x16 font for CodePage 866 (Russian characters), fixes a display problem with custom connect.ans files, removes the statusbar for a cleaner look (popup messages will be added later, if necessary), and updated the file transfer screens a little.

I've just uploaded a new build of fTelnet. I don't keep very good track of what I implement between releases, but I think this one implements a new file transfer dialog for uploads and downloads. It also adds new fonts from different codepages, which will hopefully help our international users (please let me know if it does help or not!)

This build is also the first with a release archive, so you can now download fTelnet and try it out for yourself. As always, feedback is appreciated.

(I also resized the website to be a little friendlier to the 1024x768 users, although I couldn't quite shrink it enough to eliminate the scrollbar!)

I've just uploaded a new build of fTelnet. This one fixes a screen clearing bug, where systems sending FORMFEED instead of ESC[2J weren't having the screen cleared. It also implements a new connect button, along with the ability to change it on a per system basis. There's also an intro ANSI that can be changed on a per system basis. And lastly, I rewrote the file transfer code to be easier to maintain (and possibly add fallback support), so hopefully I didn't break anything in the process!

If I don't hear about any problems by end of day today, then a release package will be put together and released tomorrow.

I've just uploaded a new build of fTelnet. This one includes a couple fixes identified by users, and implements batch downloading. The method for starting a transfer has also changed, rather than the CTRL+ALT+U and CTRL+ALT+D that previous versions used, there's now options on the right-click context-menu. After files are downloaded, options to save them will also be added to this context-menu.

If no big errors exist, I hope to put together a release package in the next day or two so it'll be easier to implement fTelnet on your own site.

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