I've just uploaded a beta version of fTelnet packaged with HtmlTerm and WBA (Web BBS Assistant). This archive includes examples for running either fTelnet or HtmlTerm in stand-alone mode, or for running them in fallback mode (so if the users browser doesn't support the preferred client, it'll try the other client too). It also includes WBA, which implements both a Socket Policy server (for fTelnet) and a WebSocket to Telnet redirector (for HtmlTerm).

If you're feeling brave and would like to give it a try, here's Beta 1. Please let me know if you run into problems with any of the 3 pieces of software, being beta quality I didn't put as much testing in as I normally would for a release version.

I've uploaded a new release of fTelnet...nothing too major in this release (aside from open sourcing under the GPLv3), I've just disabled the min/max buttons (confusing to users), and added Amiga font support (as per a user request).

I've also implemented a few more features to HtmlTerm (such as file uploads), but I've also transitioned from a proof-of-concept to a full port based on the fTelnet source, and the port isn't ready yet so don't look for the new features to be available on the test page yet. Soon though!

Fixed a bug which prevented Safari from working with HtmlTerm. All should be good with it now.

Made a few minor improvements to HtmlTerm, and also fixed a bug with the ESC[K ANSI escape sequence.

hTelnet has been renamed to HtmlTerm (which in turn has had many improvements made). The hTelnet name didn't really make sense, since the Telnet protocol wasn't being used at all.

For those curious to try the client, I've also created a simple WebSocket to Telnet redirection server.

I've just added a new page to the navigation menu at the top: hTelnet. It's a proof of concept plugin-less BBS client using new HTML5 features. There's no servers supporting the connection yet, so it doesn't do anything, but I thought it was cool enough to upload anyway!

A minor update was released today. It corrects a problem where ProBoard wasn't detecting ANSI, so if you run ProBoard, I'd recommend updating.

A new release containing a few bugfixes was just uploaded:

New variable: BitsPerSecond. Let's you get all nostalgic and slow your display down to what it would have been like with a 300bps modem! (Or any other bitrate you'd like to use)

The TAB key no longer switches focus away from the flash client in IE

Fixed YModem-G uploads where the receiver does not properly ACK header packets (Async Pro does this for example)

Fixed a stupid bug where a reply to ESC[255n was incorrectly being sent when ESC[6n was received

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