Happy New Year! Thought I'd share this screenshot of fTelnet running on my HP Touchpad! I picked one up during the fire sale awhile back, and haven't had much use for it until now! And the coolest part of all is that webOS allows me to embed a proxy server, so you can use it like a REAL telnet client, and not require the remote side to be running a flash socket policy server!

Also, for those of you using WBA, I'm hoping to get a new release out later tonight to support the latest version of Chrome (HtmlTerm currently won't work with it).

I've just fixed a bug in fTelnet that was causing the RIP parser to work incorrectly in some cases, resulting in a blank screen. This was known to affect NetFoss and Renegade, and there were possibly others. So if you tried to use fTelnet in RIP mode with your BBS and found it didn't work, then try again and hopefully it works now (and let me know if it doesn't!)

I've just released a new version with an update for WBA and a (hopefully) fix for the RIP icon problem. I don't have LORD installed to test right now, so please let me know if it does or does not load the RIP icons now.

Forgot to put the crossdomain.xml file in place, so RIP mode was unable to load a necessary file from www.ftelnet.ca, which was causing it to fail. It's now in place, so hopefully RIP will finally work!

I've just released a new version with a bugfix for WBA and a bunch of changes to fTelnet. Most of the changes to fTelnet are rather unimportant feature wise, but helped reduce the size of the .swf greatly! I'm a little concerned I may have broke something in the process, so if you notice anything not working right, please drop me a line.

OK, the updated HtmlTerm and WBA have just been uploaded. If you are using either of these products, then I would definitely recommend upgrading (or users of the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome won't be able to connect). If you only use fTelnet, then it's not such a big deal to upgrade since that wasn't updated at all.

Looks like there has been some progress on the HTML5 WebSocket front, and this has caused some problems with HtmlTerm. Basically some of the major browsers have upgraded to a newer version of the WebSocket protocol, and this means that the WebSocket servers (like WBA and Synchronet's websocketservice.js) need to be upgraded too.I now have the websocketservice.js upgrade complete and am testing it out...if all goes well then I'll upload it to the CVS for everyone else to download, and then I'll use the new logic to upgrade WBA next so I can make a new release of it as well.

Additionally, as of Firefox 6 the WebSocket API has been "temporarily namespaced in prevision of upcoming changes to the specification", which means I'll also need to update HtmlTerm to support it and future versions. I'll make this release at the same time as the new WBA release, so it'll all be made available at once.

The good news is that with these changes, all the major browsers should be supported in one form or another:

  • Chrome as of version 4
  • Firefox as of version 4
  • Internet Explorer as of version 10 developer preview
  • Safari as of version 5
  • Opera as of version 10.70

Some users have been reporting that ANSI screens haven't been displaying correctly in the latest releases of fTelnet, and it looks like it's because I broke something when adding VT100 support! BBSs expect that the cursor will wrap to the beginning of the next line when something is written to the 80th column of the screen, but that wasn't happening in the newer versions, so some screens displayed poorly as a result.

So that's now fixed, and so screens should be displaying correctly again. If you notice any other issues, please let me know!

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